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MFA Quality Ideas

Well, maybe not quite, but, still, writing ideas. I know my posts probably seem a little random these days, but that’s because I have a lot going on.  For instance, I’m trying to adjust my personal schedule to get up early enough that I can spend a little time writing in the morning before going […]

We’re Legal Now!

On our way out to catch an early movie and get dinner, we stopped for the most important part of the honeymoon; we mailed our properly signed and completed marriage license back to the county clerk! So, you know, we’re legal now and everything. No more “living in sin” for us!! Published via Pressgram

National No Call Registry

Have you signed up yet? If not, you have no right to complain about telemarketers. This is a service that you already pay for with your tax dollars, so take advantage of it. Unless, of course, you like being pestered at strange times by nuts trying to sell you junk you don’t want. In which […]

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