And, so it begins

Welcome to the blog portion of  This blog, and website, was installed and configured on December 12, 2008, which is my birthday.  It seemed a fitting day to start this project.  Being in the early stages, my intention is to let it languish in obscurity until I can build some nice, juicy content here.
I’m not quite sure where this will go, to be honest, but it is my intention not to link it to my other blog, which is associated with my resume and my business persona on the Internet.  Far too many people know who I am and can find me there for me to be comfortable writing the things I want to write.  I’m sure, eventually, most of my friends will find this place, too, but for now, it’s intended to be a quiet corner where I can rant and rave and preach and swear as I see fit.  Hell, I may even detail my attempts to get laid here.  You just won’t ever know what will show up.

You can, however, expect things to be in flux for quite a bit while I settle on things like “look and feel” and how much truth to mix in with my fiction.  Not to mention how many ads I will run and other ways I’ll flat out beg for money to keep this little venture going.

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