A Story A Week

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No, not me.

So, there’s a guy over at The Power Factory, Jonathan Munn, who’s declared a goal of writing one story per week for a year.  He’s writing fantasy and science-fiction for the young adult market, a term I hate, by the way.  He’s off to a good start so far.  These are free, incidentally.   I love this idea, just because I love people sharing their creativity for the sake of sharing it.

Back in the day, when I was actively maintaining Fantasist.net, that was my intention, to write a story a week until I was “discovered” ala John Scalzi.  Of course, that was before I’d ever heard of John Scalzi or bumped into the reality of holding down a demanding full-time job, having time with my family, and getting to occasionally see the sun and how that all took time away from writing.  Well, no one’s perfect.
Okay, who am I kidding?  I can’t even make a single post every week on this blog!  I suppose that the other blog, Diary of a Network Geek, keeps me away.  Well, that and the pesky day job.  And the laundry.  I wish it were something more interesting, like a bottle of Scotch or, heaven help me, a woman.  But, no, it’s just life.  An all too busy life that I keep churned up full of meaningless, empty activity meant to distract.  To distract me, mainly, to distract me from the emptiness of life without creativity.  It’s been so long since I’ve written fiction that I’m not even sure I know how.

Now, all I know, is how to tell the truth.
Damn blog.