Character and Plot Worksheets

I’m a nut for forms.

I think I should have been a Soviet bureaucrat sometimes. I really do love filling out things like character sheets for role-playing games. And, naturally, I think that having the right form might just help me out of a writer’s block jam.

So, toward that end, I’ve found more writer’s worksheets than you can shake a stick at!

First, there’s the Character Profile from Rick Riordan.

Then, there’s the Character Builder – Sketch from the Scriptorium.

Or, for more detail, there’s the Character Builder – Biography from the Scriptorium.

And, if that’s not enough, there’s the Fiction Writer’s Character Chart from to help you flesh out your characters.

Now, if plot is your problem, you can try the Plot Planner from the Scriptorium.

Or, if you’re just having trouble getting all the scenes organized, you can try the Scene List Worksheet also from the Scriptorium. (In fact, the Writer’s Toolbox at the Scriptorium all looks like fun.)

Of course, these are all tools to help you build your fiction, not an end in and of themselves.  That, I think, is a trap that many would-be writers fall into; doing research and “preparing” to write forever, never actually starting.  I know, it’s been a danger for me.  So, use these tools, but don’t fall into the trap!

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