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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Chicken or Egg?

Personally, I find both to be delicious! But, that has nothing at all to do with this post. I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff this week.  Mostly, though, I’ve been thinking about creativity and photography.  So, instead of just bringing you one link today, I’m bringing you two. First, a little about creativity.  […]

The History of Digital Photography

You may have seen this already… If you travel in the same tech circles on-line that I do, you probably have seen a lot of the same things I link to here on Fridays.  So, why do I still do it?  Well, for a couple reasons. First, because maybe you missed it.  Or it didn’t […]

Hemingway’s Birthday

Sounds like it should be a band. But, no, today is Ernest Hemingway’s birthday. I celebrate that because his work meant so much to me when I was just learning to really write.  remains, I think, one of the most influential works of literature in my personal mythology.  His short stories still move me, on […]

Stolen Camera Finder

Regular readers may be familiar with my photography obsession. A number of years ago, I spent some money I’d hoarded on an entry-level Canon DSLR, instead of some medical bills. I’ll be honest, sometimes I worry that I should have spent the money on the medical bills, but, my shots are getting better.  I take […]

Excuses For Not Writing

I should be writing right now. But, I’m not. I’ve read an interview with Liam Neeson, tonight.  And read a bit in a book called , which I’ve been working my way through, slowly.  And checked e-mail, most of which I’ve already read.  And, of course, there’s comments on Facebook and Flickr to distract me […]

Get Rich Quick

Self-publishing on Kindle! Okay, I know that sounded cheesy and trashy, like a late-night TV sales pitch, but, apparently, it could be true, too! The news has been all abuzz about relatively young author Amanda Hocking who’s sold thousands of ebooks via the Amazon Kindle store and the Barnes & Noble ebook store.  According to […]

Inspiration, Motivation and Synchronicity

Can I call myself a writer, if I’m not writing? Long-time readers of this blog will remember the days that I used to post virtually every day.  That was, it seems, a very long time ago.  That was before I got divorced and before I almost killed myself through self-neglect.  It was also before I […]

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