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Can I call myself a writer, if I’m not writing?

Long-time readers of this blog will remember the days that I used to post virtually every day.  That was, it seems, a very long time ago.  That was before I got divorced and before I almost killed myself through self-neglect.  It was also before I met and dated a dear, sweet woman who will always have a special place in my heart and before I bought my camera.

I couldn’t tell you…
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  1. the Network Geek

    I meant to have an additional link in there, on the sentence “I forget that love is the answer to all my problems”. That philosophy and paraphrased thought, comes from the Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, which is out of print now, it seems, which is quite unfortunate since I loaned my copy to someone and may never see it again! Thankfully, the contents are on-line, which is what the link was to, so here it is:Lazy Man’s Guide To Enlightenment online
    It’s pretty short, and I think it’s worth reading, even if you don’t agree with it, so I hope everyone who reads this will go and check it out.

  2. Cheri

    as I read the part about forgetting who you are and being insecure to be who you want to be the song “It’s gonna be a good life” by Juan republic went through my head. What if we could change the way we think and live every day to have the life we want, be the person we dream of being and doing what we want to be doing? Why is that so hard to do? and stick with! Now I’m off to see where you have been hanging out as of late.

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