Another Year’s Reprieve

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I’m not going to die.

Well, at least, I’m not going to die of cancer.  Not this year, anyway.
Today, the oncologist told me my lymphoma is in full remission still.  In fact, the scar tissue has shrunk even more, from 14cm to 11cm, which I think is kind of amazing, but didn’t seem to illicit any special notice from the doctor.  Some people are just impossible to please, I guess!

He was a little worried because my blood pressure was high, but,…
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4 Responses

  1. phew.

  2. the Network Geek

    Yeah, I look good bald, but not that good.

  3. It’s your blog. It’s your personal space to get worked up if you like. Plus I always feel better after I write my worries down.

    Hooray for the good news! I’m happy to hear it.

  4. the Network Geek

    Thanks. I have to admit, it really was a relief.

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