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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Halloween LEGO Creations

Well, Halloween is just around the corner, if you aren’t celebrating already. I could go on at length about the historical and cultural phenomena that is Halloween, but, really, if you cared about that, you’d just go to Wikipedia. So, no, instead, I’ll just share a quick fun link to some Halloween LEGO creations over […]

Light Field Camera

Well, this is interesting… Some time ago, I read about a revolutionary new idea in cameras; focusing after taking the photograph. Having had autofocus occasionally grab the wrong thing in a photo, this idea intrigued me.  The idea that a camera could simply capture all the available light, store it in a photographic format, and […]

Next Sci-Fi Series to Watch

Right, so last week, we had a sci-fi book-picker. This week, it’s a flowchart over at SFSignal designed to help you pick the next science-fiction television series to rent from Netflix.  (Or, wherever, if you dropped Netflix due to all their foolish marketing stuff.)  And, I have to admit, there are several on the flow […]

A Word On Writing Well

Okay, a bit more than a word… “Content is king”, they used to say. The idea was if you wrote enough compelling material for your blog or website, then the readers, and search engines, couldn’t help but find you and rank you well. Sounds like a great idea, right? Then why do so many people […]

Canon’s New Camera

I want it. But, of course, it’s way, way more camera that I’d probably ever use. Honestly, when I read the updates at Canon Rumors about the new Canon EOS-1D X, I was a bit relieved.  You see, I plan to buy a new camera shortly, and I was a little worried that there would […]

Canon Quick Guides

Since I started shooting digital, I have always shot Canon, in spite of what some of my shooting buddies may have thought. And, naturally, as a faithful Canon shooter, I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement from Canon HQ tomorrow, whatever it may bring.  As I’m in the market to upgrade, I have mixed feelings about any […]

SciFi Book Picker

It’s not secret I love books. Frankly, it’s no secret that I love science-fiction books, either.  But, generally, my “To Be Read” pile is so huge I sometimes have a hard time picking which book to read next.  I’ve featured other book pickers in my Friday Fun posts before, but those were all generic.  So, […]

Beating Creative Block

Hey, I’m working on it! No, seriously, I am. Recently, I read the simplest and most straight-forward cure for writer’s block in a post on Seth Godin’s blog titled Talker’s Block.  In a nutshell, he says that the cure for writer’s block is to write.  To write every day.  To write badly.  To write when […]

QR Codes For The Road

I guess QR codes aren’t quite dead yet! Back in the day, hobos, or “gentlemen of the rails”, used to use a kind of code that let other hobos know important information.  For instance, if they marked a cat-like symbol on a fence, it meant that a kind-hearted woman lived at that house and might […]

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