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Since I started shooting digital, I have always shot Canon, in spite of what some of my shooting buddies may have thought.

And, naturally, as a faithful Canon shooter, I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement from Canon HQ tomorrow, whatever it may bring.  As I’m in the market to upgrade, I have mixed feelings about any new camera announcements.  From what I’ve read, it probably won’t actually effect my decision on what to buy, but, still, it may.
In any case, Canon has been on my mind.  So, to distract myself, and provide decent content for this site, I present you with Canon Quick Guides.
These are guides right from the Canon mothership on how to use their gear, the right way. They are, per the website, “a free downloadable resource for EOS cameras and accessories. These PDF cheat sheets are helpful tools to carry around in your camera bag for quick reference, or to read from your computer for step-by-step guidance on specific product features and techniques.” And, they are pretty damn cool.

Incidentally, they were first pointed out to me by Syl Arena of and [amazon_link id=”032171105X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Speedliter’s Handbook[/amazon_link] fame. Trust me on this, he knows Canon!

So, yeah, here’s hoping Canon announces something cool tomorrow.
(And, that it drives prices down before I buy!)

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