Geek’s Guide to New York

I seem to be fixated on New York this month!

There are a lot of geeky landmarks in New York City.  From movies like Ghostbusters to comic books like the Fantastic Four to movies about comic books, there are a lot of references made to the Big Apple.  If you’re a geek and plan on being a tourist in New York, wouldn’t you like to hit these hot spots and revisit your favorite geek moments?  Or just take a photo of…
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  1. I went to NYC back in 2005 with a friend, we geek out at almost every turn, seeing NY things that we remembered from books, movies, photos, etc. It was a truly awesome experience and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Had an absolute blast. Thanks for the link!

  2. the Network Geek

    De nada! I figured most of my regular readers would find at least *something* in that guide to geek out over! Also, did you see the link for “secret dining” places in NYC earlier in the month?

    Been a while since I’ve been to New York, but when I get back next, I’ll have a couple more places to check out!
    Glad you enjoyed the link!

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