I got my new Canon 5D Mark II the Friday before Halloween.

And, it looks like I got it just in time.
A couple things made it a good time for me to buy.  For one, there’s a $100 rebate from Canon right now.  For another, Adorama has a special package running that included the body, an extra battery, a 16g 600x CF card and a bag, all for the price of the body alone!  But, there’s another reason I went ahead and bought now; flooding in Thailand.  No, seriously.
According to Canon Rumors, we can expect shortages on both the 5D Mark II and the 60D as a result of the horrible flooding in Thailand, which has shut down a lot of factories.  Nikon is also effected, and in fact that news came out some time ago.  I suspected that Canon would be too because, well, it just makes sense.  And, this is why I do pay some small attention to the news, especially to the tech news.  I first heard about this issue in relation to hard drives, then came the Nikon news, all of which led me to go for it now, rather than later.

So, if you’re in the market for a new high-end camera, now would be a good time to get that, before the shortages start hitting the current inventory!

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