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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Get Paid as a Photographer

Do you dream of becoming a professional photographer? Personally, I don’t.  Oh, it might be nice to make a little extra cash as a freelancer, but I shoot for enjoyment.  Still, if you want to get paid as a freelance photographer, Photo Argus has the article for you.  First of all, know that the article […]

As easy as 123!

Well, maybe a little more difficult than that… My “day job” is being the IT department for a specialized engineering, design and manufacturing business.  In a very simplified nutshell, we design and build huge cranes, primarily for off-shore work in the petroleum industry, but not limited to that.  As such, we are heavily invested in […]

Seven Places to Sell Your Photography

Have you ever sold your photography? One of the Great Lies that they used to tell us photographers is how easy it is to make virtually unlimited money selling your photos to stock photography houses.  And, the one I heard most frequently offered up as an example was iStockPhoto.  But, you know what?  It’s not […]

Typography Deconstructed

You may not realize it, but typography is actually very important to me. Longtime readers of this blog may have noticed that it looks just a little different.  That’s because I’ve changed how I make the fancy titles on my posts.  Instead of using an older plugin which relied on TrueType fonts and good, old […]

From The Heart

Today is St. Valentine’s Day. Today, for reasons that are mostly attributable to the evil machinations of greeting card companies, we are expected to engage in a conspicuous display of romantic passion.  People mistakenly call it “love”, but, in my experience, love often has little to do with what we celebrate on this strange, little […]

The Best 404 Pages

Not all 404 pages are created equal. Most of us will never see a 404 page.  In fact, if things are going well on your website, 404 pages shouldn’t normally come up.  (For those of you not familiar a 404 page is the error page you get on a website when the page you’re looking […]

Print Your Photos!

No, seriously, when was the last time you printed your digital photos? I hang out with a couple of photographers, and I talk to a whole lot more various places online, and since we all shoot direct to digital, almost none of us regularly print our photos.  I think there are a couple of reasons […]

Make Your Own Energy Bars

I love energy bars, but, at heart, I’m a cheapskate. Besides, most of those store-bought energy bars aren’t even really all that healthy for you!  I love them for a lot of reasons.  They’re quick, easy, portable and can easily be thrown in a bag when I head out on an adventure.  But, like I […]

10 Free E-Books for Photographers

Free is good! If you’re like me, you spend virtually all your spare money on photography gear.  Or art supplies.  Or whatever it is that you need to churn out your particular flavor of creative “stuff”.  For me, and many of my friends, that’s photography.  But, you still want more good books on photography.  Either […]

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