Get Paid as a Photographer

Do you dream of becoming a professional photographer?

Personally, I don’t.  Oh, it might be nice to make a little extra cash as a freelancer, but I shoot for enjoyment.  Still, if you want to get paid as a freelance photographer, Photo Argus has the article for you.  First of all, know that the article is about business, not photography.  The assumption is that you’re already a pretty good photographer and all you need is to learn how to market yourself.  As a guy who got a Marketing degree in college, trust me, you need more than a quick tutorial on “getting your name out there” if you really want to succeed in business.  And, it won’t happen over night.  It takes years of dedicated work to be an “overnight success”, as they say.
Another resource you may want to check out is [amazon_link id=”0817435794″ target=”_blank” ]Going Pro by Scott Bourne[/amazon_link] and the website that goes with that book; Going Pro.

Don’t be discouraged by the hard work, though.  If being a professional photographer is your dream, it’s one you can achieve!  Just stick with it!

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