Writing Science Fiction for the Government

Yeah, it’s kind of a mind-bender, isn’t it?

So, the few regular readers who are left at this sad, old, mostly-neglected blog know that I’m a big fan of science-fiction.  And, when I have time, I read a lot.  Granted, since college I think I read more non-fiction than fiction, but, still, I manage to hammer away at it and more than exceed the national average of three to four books per year.  Also, I tend to think of myself as…
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  1. Speaker

    An old novel by Jerry Pournelle suddenly comes to mind.

    “Fallen Angels,” is a dystopian view of the near future where mankind faces the ice age that’s been centuries late in coming. The world has gone “anti-technology.” The ISS, the last shuttle and Mir are still up there with an abandoned crew of colonists driven to scooping the atmosphere for replacement air. The scoopship is shot down and science fiction fans come to the rescue.

    ISBN 0-7434-3582-6;
    URL: http://www.baenebooks.com/p-137-fallen-angels.aspx

  2. the Network Geek

    I’m familiar the book! It was actually by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven, both of whom are some of my favorite authors.

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