Ramen Info

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Readers from my other blog will know that I love both ramen noodles and infographics.
It’s almost a kind of sickness, I’ll admit, but I really love ramen.  I don’t care that they aren’t necessarily the healthiest thing for me to eat, because I know there are worse things, and I love them.  The past two weeks I’ve linked to things that will help you eat healthier and help you eat less.  This week, I figure you’ve about given up on your New Year’s Resolutions and I’m going to just go ahead and link to something that glorifies my favorite junk food; ramen noodles.

Over at Daily Infographics some time back, they had a wonderful infographic titled Some Facts about Ramen Noodles, which I just loved.
I was fascinated to learn that Nissin, the company which originated instant ramen with their Top Ramen offerings, has 29 manufacturing plants in 11 countries run by 21,900 employees and generating about $3.2 billion in sales every year.  But, beyond the amazing facts about ramen and the Nissin company, there are healthier recipes for preparing your instant ramen, all of which seem to start by discarding the included flavor packet!  Also, of course, ramen is relatively cheap and they estimate that eating 13 cent ramen three times a day for a year would only cost about $142.65.  Amazing!  And, that little statistic is probably why a startup companies that are only profitable enough for the founders to eat are known as “ramen profitable”.
Finally, before you write off instant ramen as too unhealthy to eat regularly, use the infographic to compare it to other fast food items.  It’s really not so bad after all!

Most of all, go take a look at that infographic and have a good laugh this Friday afternoon before enjoying your weekend!