Vitamins from Food

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A healthy mind is a creative mind!
And, let’s face it, a healthy mind is supported by a healthy body.  Exercise is one aspect of that, but at a more fundamental level, properly fueling our bodies and minds is, I think, the most important first step.  Last week, I linked to a site to help you put your diet on autopilot.  This week, I’m suggesting that you maximize your vitamin intake.  Not through taking supplements, though that’s not a bad idea really, but through good eating.  I know supplements have been pushed for years, but I have always felt that getting our vitamins from what we eat is better.  Granted, I take supplements, but with “More Than Supplemental” infographic, I hope to do better.

This graphic clearly breaks down what foods contain thirteen of the most essential vitamins so that you can maximize your healthy food intake.
I know this doesn’t seem like it’s connected to creativity, but, trust me, it is.  When I’m overweight and eating junk food, I cannot think clearly at all.  When I was on chemotherapy and eating that hospital food served out of a cafeteria, if I could manage to eat at all, I could feel my brain power reduced to almost nill.
So, trust me on this and make sure to eat your vegetables, and salmon and fruits and all the other healthy things you see on this chart.  Remember, if you have a deficiency, this can point you in the right direction to balance out your essential vitamins.  But, of course, always consult with and pay attention to your doctor’s suggestions regarding nutrition and supplements.

Like I wrote before, a healthy body, and mind, is a creative mind!  So eat healthy and enjoy healthy creativity, too!