Adding Style To Your Webpages

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I am NOT a designer or web programmer.
Sure, I’ve dabbled with Perl enough to be a Level 11 Perl Monk on, but I’m not really a programmer.  And I’m sure not a designer, either, even though I can appreciate really good design work.  In fact, my ex-wife used to say that I was from the “big orange button” school of design, because I was more interested in the technology behind the button you pushed on a website than making the button itself look pretty.  I know I’m not alone, at least if some of the websites I’ve seen over the past ten or fifteen years are any indication.  Still, there is hope.
Thanks to some very diligent folks at the W3C, we have standards for the web, including a way to class them up a bit.  The way I’m talking about is cascading style sheets, or CSS.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is, they can be really complicated.  But, I have a link for you all that can help with that.
The fine folks of at have gathered together 30 of the most useful CSS3 generators I’ve ever seen.  So, now, you can go to one of those beauties and custom generate CSS code for making your webpage, or WordPress theme, a whole lot more stylish.  I’m talking about generators that use CSS to do everything from drop-down menus to boxes with rounded corners to, my personal favorite, boxes that are at an angle.  (That last trick can be found at CSS3 Please! and is pretty incredible, I think!)

So, go check them out and see what sort of code you can get into for the weekend!
Have fun, y’all!

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