Color Scheme Designer

I am not a designer.

This may be painfully evident from the look and feel of this website, which, I did not code myself.  It is a WordPress-based website which, at best, I have “themed” myself, but with lots of help from code “borrowed” via Google and other sources.  In fact, there are so many code sources it would be hard to link to them all or list them all or thank them all.  It’s the way of the web, I’m afraid.
But, all that aside, I like to think of myself as a kind of artist.
Perhaps a stunted, repressed, frustrated artist, but, still, a sort of artist.  And, as such, I find myself easily obsessed with things like texture and color.  The hitch is, however, that I have no training, which may, or may not, be obvious.  I don’t know the first thing about color harmony and subtones and all those other bits of esoterica.  So, I tend to rely on utilities.  Free utilities, if I can find them, possibly even ones that run from the web and I don’t even have to install.  The Color Scheme Designer is one such utility.
This utility lets you create a harmonized color scheme for your project via a sliding spinner color tool and then gives you the resulting colors in formats that graphic programs can use, or that you can enter into your style sheet, in the case of a website.  It’s handy and free and even includes options for the color blind, which I swear I am NOT in spite of some of the color choices I’ve made on websites over the years.

So, go play with color and color schemes today, while you’re pretending to work.  Trust me!  It’s fun!