Two Random Blog Design Tools

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Are there really any websites that aren’t essentially blogs?

Okay, I know there are, but, considering that some people estimate about 1 out of every 5 sites runs WordPress, it amounts to the same thing.
In any case, these two tools I’m about to share can actually be useful to any website design.

First, there’s the graphic “place-holder” generator, lorempixel.
Using their tool, you can find and download “place holder” images that are generic, in either color or b&w, and the size you need for your example design.  If you have some particular theme in mind, you can select that, too.  For on-line design, you can use their code to pull random place-holder images every time your design is refreshed!
Oh, and remember, these are all free to use and licensed via Creative Commons!  How cool is that!

The other tool is really a learning aid called the Interactive Guide to Blog Typography.
This beauty guides you through pretty much everything  you need to really know about text and layout on your blog or website.  It takes you through, step by step, all the different aspects of typography on your site, from line-height to paragraph formatting to font styles to, well you name it!  What’s more, it does it all with interactive examples and even some of the CSS available to copy and add right into your design, so you can see how the changes effect how you read text and integrate the changes you like!
And, I think this is important because so many non-professionals seem to forget how important text and how it’s presented is to even the most basic designs.

So, now you’re set with some great basics to get started on updating your own design!
Go have fun with it!