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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Perspective Change

One of the many things I love about photography is its ability to shift my perspective. But, sometimes, I need to adjust the perspective of my photographs! I take a lot of different kinds of photos.  Mostly, I take candid shots of people and animals, but I also take photos of my friends’ art as […]

More DIY Japanese food

Although, I suppose it doesn’t have to be Japanese… I’m talking about bento, in this case.  Since I seem to be switching between photography links and talking about Japanese food, I thought I’d just go ahead and keep that up. I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually had bento, but I have read about bento boxes […]

11 Photography Cheat Sheets

I really need to start generating original content instead of posting links to someone else’s work. I’ll get on that Real Soon Now, but in the mean time, I’m going to continue the way I’ve been going. So, as anyone who’s followed this blog more than a month knows, I’m into photography.  Granted, I haven’t […]

Rating Ramen

Remember how I wrote last week that this month was going to be a little random? This is what I meant. So, people who know me well know that I love instant ramen noodles.  In fact, just back in January, I was going on about the joy of ramen and how much I loved it […]

Caring for your DSLR Body

Really, it’s about dust and keeping it out of your camera, but, let’s be honest, that really is the biggest issue in keeping your camera clean. As part of their “photography 101” series, The Photo Argus recently ran a story titled “Caring for the DSLR Body and Lenses“, but it primarily focused on cleaning the […]

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