11 Photography Cheat Sheets

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I really need to start generating original content instead of posting links to someone else’s work.
I’ll get on that Real Soon Now, but in the mean time, I’m going to continue the way I’ve been going.
So, as anyone who’s followed this blog more than a month knows, I’m into photography.  Granted, I haven’t hardly touched my camera in months because I’ve been busy cleaning my house with my girlfriend and helping her move in, but, still, I do love photography.  And, I love cheat sheets.  In my “day job” as a technology professional (ie. a network geek), I use cheat sheets for all kind of things, especially operating systems that I don’t use on a regular basis.  Well, sadly, my camera has fallen into that category of “things I haven’t used on a regular basis” lately, so I went looking for cheat sheets to remind me about all the things I’ve forgotten about using it.
What I found was an entry by The Photo Argus titled Extremely Useful Photography Cheat Sheets for your Quick Reference.  And, what they have are a list of eleven photography cheat sheets for various situations.  Everything from shooting in low-light situations to wedding photography and most things in between.  Each has a short paragraph about what the cheat sheet is and why it’s useful, so you can pick and choose.
Also, there’s a good primer on basic, universal DSLR settings from the amazing graphic designer David Seah, which is another good review.

So, if you’ve gotten rusty, like me, why not download one or more that appeals to you and tuck into your photography gear bag when you go shooting this weekend?
(And, of course, get out there this weekend and get shooting again, also like me!)