More DIY Japanese food

Although, I suppose it doesn’t have to be Japanese…
I’m talking about bento, in this case.  Since I seem to be switching between photography links and talking about Japanese food, I thought I’d just go ahead and keep that up.
I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually had bento, but I have read about bento boxes and their cultural significance.  And, also, they’re a feature of virtually every really good anime.  I have several [amazon_link id=”1568363931″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]cook books that are dedicated to bento[/amazon_link], actually, though I’ve never quite gotten around to trying any of them out.  Traditionally, they’re made with various kinds of Japanese food, but, as this photo group on Flickr, Just Bento, shows, they can really be almost anything.
So, then, the question for me is how to actually get started making bento.  I hope that this article, titled “Bento 101“, may help, both me and whatever poor, lost soul has wandered into the cold, dusty, semi-deserted corner of the internet that houses my sad, little blogs.

Maybe, now that I have a brilliantly organized kitchen, thanks to my lovely girlfriend, I’ll actually get around to trying some of the recipes I have or that are found in the tutorial I linked to above.  Or maybe you gentle readers will and comment on it below.
It sounds like the perfect weekend culinary adventure to me!