Perspective Change

One of the many things I love about photography is its ability to shift my perspective.
But, sometimes, I need to adjust the perspective of my photographs!
I take a lot of different kinds of photos.  Mostly, I take candid shots of people and animals, but I also take photos of my friends’ art as well as the occasional bit of industrial work, as you can see in my local photo gallery.  On very rare occasions, I’ll take architectural photos, but only for fun.  So, while I professional might spend thousands of dollars on a special lens to help correct the perspective problems of shooting up the length of tall buildings, I’m not quite willing to make that kind of investment.  So, what’s a poor, amateur photographer to do?

Enter Perspective Image Correction software, a free, Open Source software available for download from!
This little beauty will let you select several “pivot points” in your photo and correct the perspective so that those points form the correct front-facing focal plane.  Granted, this process will trim some of that photo off at the edges to get the correction, but it does work quite well and, as I mentioned before, it IS free.  One cannot have everything, after all, and for a free program, I think it’s pretty awesome.

So, get out there this weekend and shoot up a storm of photographs and then try this software out!
(Be sure to read the requirements, as it will require some installed prerequisites that you may need to download first, and it only works on Windows.  Sorry Mac users!)