Rating Ramen

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Remember how I wrote last week that this month was going to be a little random?
This is what I meant.
So, people who know me well know that I love instant ramen noodles.  In fact, just back in January, I was going on about the joy of ramen and how much I loved it in all its reconstituted glory.  Well, once upon a time, I thought I would share my love of ramen with the world by rating all the different kinds of ramen that exist and that I have or could consume.  As it turns out, that old saying about no idea being original is pretty true, even in the world of ramen joy.  I knew there had been a Japanese fan of ramen, who obsessively reviewed them, but, that’s not so surprising considering that instant ramen started in Japan.  Besides, his site was all in Japanese which made it hard to share with all of us English-speaking ramen fans.

Thankfully, I’m not alone in my love of ramen.
An intrepid soul after my own heart, Hans Lienesch, has started his very own Ramen Rater blog where he shares his experiences and opinions about various varieties of instant ramen with the world.  And, it’s all in English, lovingly illustrated with amazingly comprehensive photographs of every aspect of the ramen he reviews.
It’s fantastic!
And, it’s more than I would have done had I done any kind of reviews of instant ramen.

So, if you’re like me and a fan of instant ramen, or even if you’re a poor college student forced to live on ramen against their wishes, go check out this wonderfully obsessive blog and make the most of your instant ramen choices this weekend!

UPDATE: The link to the site has changed and been updated.  Thanks for the info Hans!