Write More Quickly

with the DASH method!

I hate to admit it, but when I write on this blog, or any of my blogs, really, I often find myself floundering about.
Sometimes, I just keep typing until something mildly coherent comes out.  But, the better posts are the result of me stopping for a few minutes and contemplating what message I’m trying to get across to my readers.  And, although I haven’t written fiction in many years, it used to work the same way there, too.  My stories always came out easier when I spent a little bit of time figuring out where the story was going.

Phillip Vassallo of the American Management Association has written a short article title Writing with DASH that seems to bear that out.
DASH is an acronym that stands for Direction, Acceleration, Strength and Health and forms the basis of a pretty good writing strategy.  First, he recommends that you always take a minute to figure out the direction you want to take your writing before you begin.  Next, he suggests that setting aside self-criticism and other similar barriers to your work will allow you to accelerate your progress.  He goes on to say that you need to maintain your stamina in physical sense to keep the strength of your writing good.  And, finally, over the long-haul of your writing “career”, he quite correctly suggests that maintaining your health will make it easier to continue writing.
He also goes on to give some other general tips about writing, but, don’t take my word for it, go read the article for yourself.

And then get writing!