More Free eBooks

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So, I’ve kind of been on a big ebook, Nook, freebie kick this month and I figured I might as well just go ahead and continue with that.

There are actually a lot of places to search up free ebooks, but I found a great list of places to get free books specifically for the Nook at  They have quite a long list there that’s worth checking out, but I want to point out two particularly good sources from that list.
First, there’s the free ebook search on the Barnes and Noble store.  Sure, it’s pretty specific to the Nook, but, hey, that’s my chosen platform and, as huge as Barnes and Noble is, they’ve kind of become the underdog in the ebook world.  Besides, I really root for anyone who can stick it out and go toe-to-toe with the biggest, baddest of them all and come out swinging.  And, competition keeps everyone sharp and innovative, so I’d hate for Barnes and Noble to go under.
Secondly, there’s Project Gutenberg.  Yes, that wonderful, old project is going strong and it’s still a great source for classics of all kinds, including some older science-fiction!  Not every book is available in every format, but they do have the epub, which is the native format for the Nook, for many of the books.  And, yes, they have Kindle and other formats, too.

And that’s just my two favorite sources from that long list, so, hey, it’s Friday and you can’t be busy if you’re reading my blog, so you might as well check them out for yourselves!