Short Fiction for the Nook

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Can you tell I’m really enjoying my new Nook HD+?

I hadn’t really intended for this to be my focus this month, my personal choice of ereader, but, well, sometimes these things just happen.
I love my Nook and I enjoyed my last one, too, which, honestly, is a surprise to me.  I used to be one of those hipster snobs who “preferred actual books” to these new-fangled, science-fictional tablety reader things.  And, now, here I am.
Another reason I love it is because it supports competition to  And, if Barnes and Noble dies, then so will the last large chain of bookstores.  I think that would be truly tragic for a whole host of reasons.

In any case, Barnes and Noble still has been lagging behind their chief competitor in a number of ways.  But, they’re starting to catch up.
One very cool thing that Amazon started was “Kindle Shorts”, which are shorter and less expensive than a full ebook.  Cheaper and quicker to read, I think they cater quite well to our digital, short-attention-span society.  Now, according to this press release on Engadget, Barnes and Noble has their own short digital offering; Nook Snaps.

“Insightful and witty, the NOOK Snaps program features high-quality short fiction and narrative non-fiction hand-picked by NOOK editors offering fresh perspectives on modern life, all in an easy-to-enjoy length and at an attractive price. The program offers 3 to 5 new NOOK Snaps selections of at least 5,000 words every other month for only $1.99 each.”
(Marketing text from the press release.)

So, now, there’s some more reading material for you, if you own a Nook.
And, incidentally, even if you don’t.  You can download Nook apps for your PC, tablet, or phone, too!