Free Image Viewer, And More

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Last week, I shared my favorite free image editor, but this week, I’ve got a bit of software that’s every bit as useful and important.

But, really, it’s more than just a viewer.  This little gem can do every thing from slideshows to file format conversions to cropping.  It can even do some simple editing like sharpening or blurring.  You can choose to view all the graphics in a directory in thumbnail format, or scroll through them one at a time using the arrow keys.
The program I’m talking about has been around for more than ten years and is still free.  Of course, I’m talking about the amazingly useful Irfan View, named after the programmer, Irfan Skiljan.  I’ve used it for years, and I recommend it to everyone.  Mostly for my favorite feature, it’s ability to batch process.
Yes, pretty much every editing feature Irfan View has can be applied to a whole group of files in a big batch, and that includes batch renaming.  And, have I mentioned it’s free?

It’s only for Windows, but it’s really the best graphics viewer out there, especially at the price!
And, since it’s the perfect compliment to GIMP, why not download it today?