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It’s been a long time since I face the blank page, or screen, every day.

Once upon a time, I wrote every day.  For those of you who know me well, you know that was over at my other blog, Diary of a Network Geek.  And you know it was before I had cancer. I have a thousand excuses why I stopped, but none of them matter and I’ll tell you why.
Writers write.
For years, I’ve said I wanted to be a writer, but I haven’t really written.  I’ve been a dilettante, at best.  Or I’ve just blogged and never gone past that.  But, I’m trying to be different.  Again.

I’ve told my fiance that I want to so arrange my life that I have at least an hour every morning to write.  Sure, when I said it, I meant write on a blog, but, really what I want is to write.  I mean, really write, you know, fiction.  I want to tell stories.
I’ve tried everything imaginable to get that jump started.  Well, everything but actually just start writing.  And, honestly, right now, I’d be happy with writing on this blog every day.  At least it would be something.  I’d be developing the habit of writing.  And, maybe, in a way, I’d be doing “Morning Pages” like are described in [amazon_link id=”1585421464″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Artist’s Way[/amazon_link].  (Which, let’s be honest here, is just a book for pretentious, self-involved assholes, like me, who are so bourgeois that they invent problems like “writer’s block”.  You know what the cure for writer’s block is?  Sitting down every damn day and actually writing something, anything, instead of bitching about how you don’t feel creative or inspired.  More on that another day.)

So, what’s this all about?
Well, there is much change afoot in my life.  I’m about to marry the most wonderful woman I’ve ever known.  And, in the process of getting to know her, I’ve found my life changing.  For the better, honestly, but changing.  She’s getting me organized.  (I know!  It’s scary for me, too!  But, she’s so damn good at it and I’m finding that I enjoy it.)  And she’s gotten me to read a book that I’ve put off for literally years; [amazon_link id=”0142000280″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Getting Things Done[/amazon_link].  Yeah, I’m about to become one of those people.  I’m about to become one of those people, again, because I was efficient and always on time, if not early, and I want to be that way again.

How does this have anything to do with writing?
Because, Getting Things Done asked me some questions about how I’m living.  Namely, what’s my purpose?  What’s my goal?
That hit hard.  But, it hit hard in a good way and it’s helping me redefine how I choose to spend my time.
I’m choosing to spend it writing more.

But, now, I’m out of time and late to meet a friend for coffee, so I’ll cut this post off here.
See you tomorrow!

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