The Art of Portrait Photography

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I’m obsessed with photography lately, mainly because I feel so stymied by it.

It used to flow so much easier for me.  I had even gotten to the point that I could go a shoot anonymous portraits on the street or at a fair or carnival and be comfortable doing that.  But, lately, it’s been problematic for me.  Of course, I have no one to blame by myself.
Still, as a result, I find myself quietly obsessed with photography as a medium and an art form.  And, of course, as human beings, our interest in all things lies in other human beings.  A friend once told me that the hierarchy of art subjects, from least to greatest, is places then things then people.  (I assume that animals fell in between “things” and “people” on that scale.)  I have to agree with him, not just because he’s a world-renowned artist, but because I could see the truth of what he was saying.  So, in photographic terms, that makes the portrait the highest form of photographic art.

Which brings me to what I’m sharing with you this week.  It’s a video of several photographers sharing their thoughts on portraits, and their photographic work in that vein.  It’s from PBS, via Youtube: The Art of Portrait Photography Go check it out!  It’s an 8 minute video with beautiful photographs in it and some interesting people talking about making portraits.

And, go create something beautiful this weekend, okay?