Photography Fundamentals

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So, yeah, I’ve got pretty much nothing this week.

Pretty much every bit of time and energy is going into either getting married (in just over two weeks!) or getting my fiance’s business, The Organizing Decorator, more customers.  So, that means I have little left to come up with too much that’s interesting here.  As it turns out, that’s okay because Haje and Daniela over at Photocritic have plenty to keep you amused, at least if you’re a photographer.  In particular, I love Photocritic’s “Photography Fundamentals” series that they’ve been doing recently.
I know Haje via Flickr and his cool Kickstarted creation, Triggertrap, and I can tell you that he’s a dedicated and creative photographer who really knows his stuff.  The “Fundamentals” series is a brief look at the basics of photography.  Although attractive to the newcomer, these articles are great refreshers for the photographers, like me, who have been around long enough to forget just why we do some of the things we do with our cameras.

No matter which you are, though, these articles are great!
And, they’re great to read before you head out shooting this weekend so that you have the fundamentals fresh in your head and in your camera!