Pretty SciFi Art

No, not mine.

I got nothing this week.
I’m out of creative ideas and pretty much feel like a spent shell casing.
But, I have a good excuse.  In just over a week, I’ll be getting married.  So, this is the last Friday post you’ll see from me for a little bit.  Just kind of how that goes.  Next week, I’ll be busy with family and last minute details for the wedding.  The week after, I plan to be still recovering from the wedding.  Who knows what will happen the week after that?

Until then, though, go look at Simon Stålenhag’s art gallery.
He makes paintings of a beautiful and broken Sweden of the future, a place where derelict technology and dinosaurs share a frozen landscape.  It’s a future I want to write about one day.  Maybe a place in a different solar system, but someplace just like he paints.  It’s beautiful.

I hope to one day own some of his art.