Find New Places To Shoot Photos

Wow, I almost forgot to post this week!

It’s funny, but I skip just a couple of times and all of a sudden I’m out of the habit of posting a Friday Fun Link.  Well, hopefully, I’ll get back into the rhythm of regular posting again, one step at a time.  Since getting married, I’ve decided I need to start doing more things like that, which I used to do when I first met my wife and we started dating.  Like exercise.  I used to be really healthy, actually, and exercise all the time.  I was in pretty good shape and very active, but now that I’m married especially, I feel like I never want to leave the house!  So, like getting back on an exercise plan, I’m starting in small ways to get going on some regular activities that I used to do.

One thing I used to do was go out almost every weekend shooting photos.  Whether it was with a group or by myself, I was always exploring some place new to take photos, or at least going to the Houston Zoo and shooting there.  So, maybe a good way to start would be to find some new places to shoot.  Luckily, I follow Haje and Daniella’s blog Photocritic, where Daniella recently wrote about a new service called ShotHotSpot.  The idea is pretty straight-forward; ShotHotSpot takes metadata information from photos on Flickr and Panoramio and aggregates the geo-location data in attempt to pinpoint photography “hot-spots” and then display them on a map.  You can search near you or somewhere you might be soon or whatever.  On the “Advanced” search page, you can even specify themes like Landscape photography or Urban or Nature or whatever and even specify how close to your chosen location you want to find “shot hot spots”, so you can find things a little more out of your normal path, if you want.

I can’t say for sure that this will help me get out of the house with my camera more, but at least if I do manage it, I can find someplace new to shoot!  And you can too!  The weekend is almost here, so why not click the link and find somewhere new to take your camera?