Photography 101 by Canon

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Well, I’m back.

Blogging, and writing in general, is like having a case of scabies; it’s a persistent itch that just will not go away!
In any case, I’m safely married and my blushing bride is hard at work on her business, so I’m back at the blog and other writing projects.  Right now, I’m working on some personal documentation off-line, in the privacy of my own directory structure, but that may eventually get shared with the larger world.  Until then, though, please know that I plan to get that fine old Canon 5D MKII out more often and shoot.  Not to mention cluttering up this blog with Pressgram shots from my iPhone.

But, I have to tell you, I am rusty with my “big” camera.
It really feels like I’ve almost started over.  But, you know, that’s okay.  I think I’ll take this opportunity to re-learn the basics which I forgot almost as soon as I learned them.  And, to that end, I’m going back to my camera manufacturer to learn not only my particular gear, but to learn their take on those basics.  On their website, Canon has a free, if brief, introductory photography course; Photography 101.  Their short course covers everything from ISO to aperture to shutter speed, not to mention metering for exposure and autofocus.  They don’t get into basics of composition, but they do talk about flash and different shooting modes and how those both can effect your photographs.  They even include some information about shooting video, which most DSLRs seem to be able to do now.  There is even some information about file types most cameras can handle, including how to download those from your camera.  Sure, some of this will be pretty specific to Canon cameras, but a lot of the basics are just that; basic information applicable to any camera at all.

So, if you’re like me, and getting back into photography after a long absence, or just starting out, check out Canon’s introduction to photography and get ready for a weekend of shooting!