5 Random Writing Tools

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So, in support of NaNoWriMo, this month, I’ve decided to serve up nothing but writing-related links.

At a week into the process of writing your novel, you should be well on your way.  But, maybe there are some back-story details you’d like to fill in.  Maybe a character who needs an odd name, or who’s pockets you need to fill with random stuff.  Maybe you need a fictional timeline for a fictional nation.  Or, maybe you need a wacky science-fiction invention of some kind to spice up part of your story.
Well, this week, you’re in luck!

In my spare time, I tend to teach myself the easier programming languages to mess with, just to help me keep my edge in my day job in the computer world.  The last two were Perl and PHP.  Now, that probably doesn’t mean much to most of you reading this, but Perl is the “duct tape of the internet” and both of these languages are often used on web pages.  What that translates to, however, is that I’ve created several tools which will give you random “stuff” based on a few parameters.  And, as a frustrated writer, it only made sense that they were made to be used to help other writers.

So, I present to you, direct from my slightly stale site, Fantasist.net, and my World Building Page;The Historical Timeline Generator, which serves up a random historical timeline,
The Daily Carry Generator, which generates a modern character’s “daily carry“,
The Fantasy Pocket “Litter” Generator, which is the fantasy equivalent of the Daily Carry Generator,
The “Funny” Proper Name Generator, for giving characters odd, random names, and
The Crazy Pulp Science-Fiction Invention Generator, which, well, sort of has to be seen to be fully understood.

So, there you have it!  Everything I’ve ever wanted to round out a character for a story or to add a little background to make a fictitious world seem more real.
Hopefully, it will help you add some flavor to  your novel.
But, now, get back to writing!