A little inspiration

I’m not one who’s all that huge on inspirational writing or self-help books.

But, I have to admit, as I get older, I’ve learned to appreciate the more spiritual side of that particular market.
I’ve read  by Viktor Frankl.  In fact, I was reading it when I was waiting to be diagnosed with cancer back in 2007.  It was pretty timely.  And, yes, I’ve read Napoleon Hill’s classic , but I’ll be honest, I didn’t find it all that engaging or particularly helpful to me.  Generally, I prefer spiritual books like offerings from or.
Still, there is something to be said for some of the more obscure motivational titles and Time.com has a list of ten self-help books you’ve probably never heard of to help you find something “new”.  I, personally, have only read one on this list; , though I have to admit that I didn’t think of it as a “self help” book, per se.

Also, for real inspiration, a therapist I used to see suggested by Og Mandino and I really liked it.  I’d say he’s pretty obscure, too, and it really was helpful, so that might be worth checking out.
And, in spite of my resistance to self-help books, I’m currently reading  by Brene Brown and, no matter who you are or what you like to read, it’s a fantastic book.

So, not my usual fare for a Friday, but, hey, I got officially middle-aged yesterday, so, you know, indulge me.