Daily Writing Prompts

So far this year, I’m a little behind on my creative goals.

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago, I posted my Creative Resolutions for the year.
I encouraged you all to do the same, but to make them goals, rather than unobtainable resolutions.  For me, one of those goals was to do more writing in general, and more fiction writing in particular.  It’s hard to get back into that habit, but I am working on it, little by little.  Though it may not seem like an obvious step in that direction, I started taking a Zen meditation class last week, which I hope will help me clear my mind and sharpen my focus so that it’s easier for me to write.  So far, it’s been helpful in that regard.  I’ve been to two of the five class sessions and meditated every day since the first class and I can really feel the difference.
But, now that I find myself able to focus more and feel free enough to find time to write, I have to admit that I’m stumbling a bit in finding what to write about!

I have a tumble of half-formed ideas bouncing around inside my head still, but nothing that really is fully formed enough to either write about or chase with a camera to try and capture.  So, what to do?  Well, luckily, I’m not the only one with that issue and there are list after list of writing prompts available on the web.  I’m not going to share all the resources I found out there because you can Google them as easily as I can.  However, one resource stuck out for me.
The folks at The Daily Post at WordPress.com have made an ebook of prompts available to help bloggers break through writer’s block.  In fact, it’s an ebook that has 365+ Writing Prompts.  That’s a writing prompt for every day of the year!  And, just to make sure everyone could read it, they’ve got it in both .mobi for Kindle and .epub for Nook and other ereaders, not to mention PDF, just to make sure they’ve covered their bases.

So, if you’re stuck looking for what to write about, especially on your blog, check out their free book!