The Portable Strobist

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Now, you can take David Hobby with you on the road!

Okay, not really.  I mean, I suppose you can if you’re Joe McNally or somebody like that, but guys like me, and my faithful readers (both of you!), probably can’t afford to actually take the famous Strobist with us on a shoot.  (If you’re not familiar with David Hobby or his blog, The Strobist, you really should check it out, by the way.  He used to post a lot more frequently than he currently does, but what he still posts is pretty golden.)  If you’re a hard-core amateur photographer, you’ve at least heard of him, and maybe read a blog post or two, but you may not be familiar with his Lighting 101 course.  It’s a free, web-based course on flash photography.  But, to just say that is, well, like saying that Godzilla is just a big lizard from Tokyo.  This course takes you from knowing next to nothing about your flash and teaches you to not only move that flash gun off your camera, but to use it intuitively to create better, more interesting, more creative photos.  Thousands of people have started their exploration of flash and photographic lighting with this free course.

Well, there’s a way to take that genius with you, even to places where you might not be able to get a decent wifi signal to save your life.  I’ve known about this course for a while, but I recently found out that it’s also available in an easy to use, easy to transport, PDF file!  That’s pretty cool!  Now, you can take that file anywhere you go, on any computer that you use, regardless of whether it’s a Mac or a Windows machine, and teach yourself flash photography at your own pace!  And, you can even print out sections for when you want to have the reference while you’re away from any kind of computer.

I missed seeing David Hobby when he was on the road with Joe McNally on their “Flash Bus” Tour, and I can’t afford their full set of training DVDs, but I can take the time to download this for free and brush up my flash work.  Seems like the price is right to me!  And it is for you, too!  So, go ahead and grab this to start developing your flash photography this weekend!