People who know me, know that I love my goofy t-shirts.

You know, it’s been a long couple of months and I’m pretty drained creatively, in part due to being super busy at my day job, so I’ve kind of given up sharing anything but purely fun links on Fridays for the next couple of weeks. Deal with it.

This week, it’s t-shirt sites.
Yes, I wear a lot of strange and interesting t-shirts from a lot of places.  I don’t remember why I started doing it anymore, but a number of years ago I started buying t-shirts with funny sayings and art on them.  It probably started with an Order of the Triad t-shirt based on the Venture Brothers cartoon that I got from TeeFury.  I loved the stuff that TeeFury came out with but the problem was that they only had a particular design available for 24 hours and I often forgot to check the site, so I missed out on some great ones.  That led me to seek out other places for cool shirts.  The next place I found was Threadless, based out of my old stomping grounds, Chicago.  They had more cool designs that were still limited in production, which made them a little more high-end than just any mass-produced t-shirt from Target or wherever, and many of them had a science-fiction or fantastical theme to them.  The two sites started me looking for other shirts that were quirky and geeky and fun, just like me.  So, I kept an eye out for t-shirts that were made as if they came out of science fiction movies and books, as if they were brands from within the movie, for example.  Searching for that led me to get a couple shirts from Last Exit To Nowhere, where I got shirts with imagery drawn from both the Aliens franchise and an obscure science-fiction movie called Silent Running, that I loved as a kid.
I added geekier t-shirts to that mess from DEF*CON and The Open Organization Of Lockpickers, just because I fly my geek colors pretty high these days.

Of course, I can’t stop buying t-shirts now, no matter how strongly my blushing bride suggests that I have enough, even if I know she’s so right that it makes me a little uncomfortable sometimes.  So, I do curtail my t-shirt avarice and admire, but have not yet bought anything from The History League, which are important historical events or personages transformed into something that resemble sports teams.  (I especially covet The Copernican Revolution, The Indulgences of Pope Leo XI, and the Legions of Rome.  Check them out to see why!)  And, I still would love to get a couple t-shirts from Memetic Tees that were inspired by William Gibson’s [amazon_link id=”0441569595″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Neuromancer[/amazon_link] books, because he’s one of my favorite authors.
But, really, I should listen to my very smart wife, who’s a professional organizer and decorator, and not buy any more t-shirts, no matter how cool they are, until I get rid of some of the old ones.  Of course, that won’t keep me from encouraging my readers to go buy some fun t-shirts!  And don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old for a fun t-shirt or two ( or three or…)!  Just have fun and enjoy yourself!

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