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No, not the year the world will end. I’m not that kind of crackpot.

No, in this case, I’m referring to the incredibly simple, but addictive game; 2048.
The premise is simple; just double the value of tiles until you reach 2048.  The tiles start out with either a two or a four on them and you just slide the tiles until they collide with another tile of the same value, then they add themselves together, doubling their value.  So two tiles marked two double to a single tile marked four.  Two tiles marked four double into a single tile marked eight.  And so on until you get up to the total amount or run out of spaces to file with tiles or tiles that can be combined into larger denomination tiles.
That’s it.  So simple, but so addictive to play.  It’s amazing!
It’s also new, having literally been coded just last month by Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old Italian developer.  Even he’s stunned by the popularity of this little game.

Oh, I should note that it’s free.  You can play on the web at 2048, or download the free app on iPhone or Google Play.  They’re all free, but there is advertising.
Play at your own risk!
(Seriously, if you get fired for playing this today, it’s totally not my fault!)
Enjoy your weekend!