Super Planet Crash

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Another game this week.

This one takes a bit more time than the last one.  500 years, actually.
Okay, not five-hundred actual years, but five-hundred game years.  The game is called Super Planet Crash, but the goal is to not crash planets.  The idea is simple, design a solar system that will last at least 500 laps around the Sun.  You add in planets of various sizes and densities and let them go.  The more planets and more complicated your solar system, the more points you get for each trip around the Sun.
Of course, things happen and sometimes, your solar system just implodes.  Or you send a planet spinning off into deep space.  Either one of those events ends your game.

Go check it out.  It’s not complicated to start playing, and it’s free, so you don’t really have anything to lose but time.
Enjoy your weekend!