How It’s Made – 500mm lens

My wife calls the Discovery Science channel the “Lion King channel”, because when she needs me to be calm and entertained, this is what she puts this on, like a mother puts her toddler in front of the Lion King.

Sadly, she’s pretty much right.
How It’s Made is one of my favorite shows.  Whatever channel it’s on instantly becomes the “Lion King channel” for me.  Even boring stuff is fascinating when it’s being made by big, high-speed machinery.
So, today, while I’m running around all crazy doing things, amuse yourselves by watching a video of how a Canon 500mm lens is made.  It’s fascinating and only about 14 minutes long, so not much time to slack off on a Friday.

I’ll be back next week with something else photography related, but I have no idea what yet.
Until then, enjoy the video and have a great weekend!