LEGO In Space

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These are two of my favorite things, but together in a unique way.

I don’t imagine that it’s any secret that I love science-fiction at this point.  I mean, if you’re anything like a regular or semi-regular reader of this blog, then you know that science-fiction is kind of my “thing”.  But, what may not be quite as apparent is how much I love LEGO.  When I was a kid, back in the dark ages, I could spend hours building things with LEGO.  Keep in mind, that was back before all the kits that kids have today existed.  Back then, we just had buckets of bricks and we had to create our own stuff, from scratch, using nothing more than our imagination.  It wasn’t easy, but it was loads of fun.

Well, this week, I have two links for you that take those two things, science-fiction and LEGO, and combine them into the most amazing things you’ve ever seen.
First, there’s a collection of Garry King’s Battlestar Galactica ships, in LEGO, on  These things take thousands of brick, countless man-hours, and more imagination and engineering skill than I’ve ever even dreamed of having myself.  They are amazing!  But, before you click that link, promise that you’ll come back so you can check out the next link!
My second link is to not just a gallery of amazing LEGO spaceships, but a video showing how one was made.  Specifically, it’s a time lapse video of Adrian Drake assembling a seven-foot Serenity model out of LEGO!  It’s absolutely amazing!  I cannot imagine how he visualized all that and somehow assembled all the sub-components and then got it all together into one, huge, incredible model spaceship!  Well worth the ten minutes or so to watch!

Besides, like I almost always tell you, if you’re reading this blog on a Friday, you have plenty of time to go ahead and click those links and waste some time looking at the glory of science-fiction LEGO.  So go do it!
And, y’all have a great weekend!