A “New” Way to Prevent Photo Theft

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No, those quotation marks aren’t ironic.

Last year, in August, I wrote about a free service called LensTag that would help you track your camera gear if any of it went missing.  Well, they’re back in the news for another service!  This one was discovered by accident by their president’s wife who mistakenly turned on the tracking for her camera when a couple of flashes got stolen.  It turns out, she started getting notifications about where her photos taken with that camera started showing up on the internet!  Well, this seemed like such a great opportunity that the fine folks at LensTag decided to work it into something useful for everyone.  Now, they’ve added it to their iPhone\iPad app as well as their Android app.  And, if that’s not all, they have a Chrome extension, too!  So, now, you can track your camera gear and the photos you took with it! All for free!