An Easy Way to Share Your WIFI Password

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I’m going to take a slight departure from my normal free stuff on Friday posts.

Don’t worry, this is still free, but it’s not just a “click here and look at this thing” kind of post.  This week, you’ll need to actually do a couple of things to get the full benefit of this post.  Basically, it’s a little Summer DIY project for the mildly geeky and social.

Have you ever been to someone’s home and had to ask for their WIFI password to get your phone or tablet or laptop on their network?  Have they gone scrambling for that password, which was tucked away in a text file or written down on a scrap of paper somewhere?  Or, maybe you’ve been the person scrambling to find the right WIFI password.  Well, Eve-Marie over at Tixeretne has an idea to help you; Use a QR Code to Share Your WIFI Password!
It’s pretty genius, actually.  The idea is this.  You go to a free site, put in your WIFI password in plain text and it generates a QR Code, which is just a fancy multidimensional bar code, that your phone or tablet can read.  You just print that out, frame it, and point your guests at it when they ask about getting on your network.  They scan the code with their phone and copy the WIFI password that pops up into the right place and, blammo!, they’re on the network.  Just that easy.  And, if fact, if you use the links she provides to QRStuff, they even have an option for making a special WIFI Login QR Code specifically for Android users that eliminates a couple steps.

Eve-Marie’s tutorial is great and super easy to follow.  She even takes you through some steps to pretty it all up and frame it all nice so that it kind of blends into your decor a bit more.  It’s a really smart idea, I think.  And, in fact, I have done one up myself, though I haven’t printed and framed it yet, since my wife and I haven’t been entertaining as much lately.  Still, a great thing to have in time for your Fourth of July party when everyone wants to share your amazing BBQ on Instagram!

So, take a little time this weekend and check out Eve-Marie’s tutorial on How to Use a QR Code to Share Your WIFI Password!  It’s fun, easy and worth your time!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this, however, don’t visitors need to have an application installed for the phone to read the QR code?
    Kostas´s last blog post ..How to find WiFi Password on Windows 10

  3. J. K. Hoffman

    Well, yes, they do, but at the time I wrote this in 2014, everyone was loading QR code readers on their phones, so it wasn’t a big problem. I still don’t think it’s much of an issue, really, but, yes, you are correct that they’d need a reader for that to work.

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