Photography Blogs to Follow, Part Two

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As implied last week, here are some more photography blogs to follow.

I spend a fortune on camera gear.  I try not to, and lately, I haven’t had the spare cash, but it’s hard to resist the lure of that new, shiny bit of gear!  Thankfully, there’s a blog to help me with that; DIY Photography.  In fact, over the years, if you’re a faithful reader of this blog, you’ve seen me link to these folks regularly.  They have tutorials for everything from building your own sets to super cheap flash modifiers.  But, they’re not just about gear!  They also have lots of great tutorials for getting different shots without breaking the bank on new gear!  Definitely worth a look!

And, if you want to keep up on some of the latest trends in photography or the latest photographic news, I personally find that PetaPixel is a fantastic site for that.  The link I linked, for instance, takes you to a post showing GoPro video from a photojournalist who’s embeded with a special tactical squad in Ferguson.  It’s pretty crazy.
Not everything they talk about is quite as controversial, but they keep pretty well in touch with what’s going on it a lot of areas of photography today.

And, if you want the opposite of that video linked above, head over to the Photography Is Not A Crime site.  These folks keep watch on police officers and departments who abuse photographers in one form or another.  Whether it’s trying to keep us from taking perfectly legal photographs in public or legally and openly filming the police doing their job, PINAC, as they like to abbreviate their name, is watching and, in some cases, standing up to lawsuits to protect our rights as photographers!

Finally, there’s Photofocus.
This started out as a single photographer’s website that grew from his educational site into a much larger site filled with some of the best tutorials, commentaries and inspirational pieces around.  They’re another site that my regular readers will recognize me linking to quite a bit in the past.

So, there you have it, more blogs to thrill, inform and inspire the budding photographer!
Come back next week to see if I share more blogs or something completely different!  Even I don’t know!