Style Maker

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Hopefully, you all won’t be too disappointed to not see links to a bunch of other blogs today.

I hate to admit it, but I wrote this at the last minute because I’ve been so busy.  So, if you all think this is lame today, well, I don’t blame you.  I’ll try to do better for next week and the rest of the month.  No promises, though.
As you may know, I dabble in WordPress, which just updated to a new version yesterday.  Along with that comes dabbling in both plugins and themes.  While I’ve actually created a couple of fairly basic plugins, I have yet to write a theme from scratch.  Still, I obsessively collect books and tools with which to make themes.  Today, I’m bringing you one of those tools.

This link comes to you thanks to WPTavern and is a website that lets you autogenerate style guides from other websites.  The site is called Stylify Me and it’s quite simple.  You just go to their site, then put in the URL of a site you want to use for the basic style.  The site then goes and analyzes the target, bringing you back their color palette, the fonts they use, and the sizes of pictures and thumbnails they use.  It takes all that, wraps it up with a sample graphic of the home page and gives it to you as an easy-to-save PDF style guide which you can use to make a site, or theme, with a similar look and feel.

So, yeah, unless you’re a hard-core geek or designer, not so cool.
But, if you are, well, then it’s the coolest!

Anyway, it’s been a long week for having a holiday, so it’s the best I’ve got.
Next week will be better.
I hope.