Freebies for Friday

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Traditionally, I’ve tried to give you free stuff on Friday.
This week is no different.

But, I’ll be honest, it’s been a crazy week with budget planning and strategic planning for the next five years at work, so I haven’t really prepared anything special.  And, that means I’ll be digging into my collection of strange links for two totally random freebies for you to enjoy!

First, since I always fool around with designing websites, or at least talk about it a lot, I bring you the free, beta, Google Web Designer!  It’s a GUI, point-and-click tool to make HTML5 compliant websites with animation and complete Google integration.  It’s a complete tool to let you quickly make webpages without having to really know too much code.  But, mostly, it’s easy to use and free.

And, I’m sure it’s about time you changed the wallpaper on your desktop.  It doesn’t matter what operating system you use, sooner or later, there’s a background graphic and sooner or later, it gets stale.  So, while the Google Web Designer downloads, get over to LouieLand and download a wallpaper to spruce up your desktop.

So, there it is.  Short and sweet.  Two freebies for Friday.
Enjoy your weekend and next week there’ll be …  Well, something.