Future Bookcovers

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So, it’s a little early to think that anyone writing a NaNoWriMo novel is done, but I think maybe people could use a break.

Hopefully, you all haven’t given up yet and are still writing.  But, I know it’s a hard slog, so I thought maybe taking a break to think about a cover for your future novel might help keep you inspired enough to make it the rest of the way.  So, I’ll start by sharing a tutorial from Thomas Sinfield at Standout Blogger called How To Create An Ebook Cover with Photoshop, which I shared last year about this time.
Now, if you’re into the classics, or really into design, you’ll recognize the Penguin Books distinctive looking cover.  And, thanks to that last tutorial and Paul Murray Design, you can download a fine Penguin Book Cover Template which you can use to make your very own stylish, possibly retro, book cover.
And, if you want something even easier, certainly more campy, you can try the Pulp-o-mizer, the custom pulp magazine cover maker.  Granted, it is slanted toward a very particular flavor of science-fantasy, but it is easy and fun, which is the point here.

Hopefully, one of those will give you enough distraction to refresh you and enough inspiration to get you going again.  Keep writing!