I was talking with my wife the other day about blogging.

I’ve been blogging since at least May of 2000.  That means I’ve been blogging almost fifteen years at one of my several blogs; Diary of a Network Geek, The Fantasist’s Scroll, or this site.
I guess that’s kind of impressive.  At least, she seemed kind of impressed.
Granted, I haven’t been blogging here quite as regularly as I used to, but I have maintained that once-per-week schedule when many people I know who used to blog have given it up.  And, of course, I also have a host of other sites like HavePalmWillTravel, from the days when I was a minor-league road-warrior and used my Palm IIIc more than I did my laptop.  Or, my latest venture, FindMyPhotographer, which is still in progress and not quite read for “prime time” yet.

In that time, I’ve gone from hand-coding the individual HTML pages to using MoveableType and subsequently seen WordPress take dominance from them as the premier blogging/content management tool.
Things sure have changed in those almost fifteen years, but one constant has been my strange urge to share thoughts with the world at large.  Honestly, since I think of myself as a pretty private person, I can’t really explain it.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that she thought my persistence was a strength, not a sign of lunacy.
It’s one of the things I love about her.

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